Google Assistant Intergration - openHAB 2 - Error "Couldn't update the settings. Check your connection."

Hello guys,

I know this issue has been reported in the official announcement of the “Google Assistant Integration” but I did not see a solution which is working for me, this is why I want to report the issue again and hope to get a good solution in this thread.

After selecting “openHAB” as new account I need to do the OAuth2 authorization, this is successful and I can see “Google” listed as an “My Applications” entry.

But when the authorization returns to the Google Home application I get the error "Couldn’t update the settings. Check your connection."
I did try this on two different Android devices one is set up with German language settings (I get the error reported in German) and the otherone is set up in English on both I get the error.

I already have Alexa integrated.
In one post it was mentioned to remove all the tags and then do the authorization again.
This is actually not an option for me as I don’t want to loose my Alexa integration, and I have set up like 50 items, so doing this and re-entering them would be some work I would like to avoid.

Does someone know what the error means, what is it trying to save and what is it not able to update (and why)?


If you’re also using Alexa, you probably have tags that are not yet supported like TargetTemperature.
I had the same problem. I removed those tags and it worked right away…
Until @MARIZMA adds support for those tags (or ignore them) you’ll loose the ability to control thermostats with Alexa…

Well then I probably need to wait :frowning: as I can not remove those tags, just to have Google working.

This happened to me because of one incomplete switch declaration in .item file: I forgot to write the string in double quotes. The syntax must be perfect.