Google assistant not working

(B K) #21

Ok, so did manual (touch) control work in the app, or no?

(Eskil Reiremo) #22

Yes that works. Just checked the routines tab, and I have double and triple of everything, so I think it is just Google screwing up again

(Eskil Reiremo) #23

Ok now it only works partially… Hmmm

(Kim Andersen) #24

I think Google is updating something somewhere. I dont know exactly where and how. But you should not change your setup. It´s probably working just fine.

(Eskil Reiremo) #25

Update: ok, so it worked for a bit today, but only a few minutes.

(Eskil Reiremo) #26

Update: i tried using a new google acc instead of my primary one, and that worked! does anyone know why that is? Please help