Google Assistant scene

Hi all,
I have do not understand how the “scenes” are…
I tried to add a metatag ga “scene” to a switch, Google Assistant do not display a “switch” in the Google Home App and the interation with a “scene” seems to be only "ativate ".

How is a scene?


Yeah the same here.

So google dosn’t show it in the app like a switch if thats what you want use the switch tag.

I guess you can use scene when you just want to activate a routine/rule in openhab. Then at the end of the rule just turn the scene off.

What do you want to happen after you ask google to set the scene?

After some tests, now I understand!
I can ask to Google to activate the scene. Even If there aren’t a switch in the interface.
I shall use the scenes in routines to group some complex functions.
Very usefull!

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