Google assistant SecuritySystem / ArmDisarm

Runnig OH2.5 stable
Does the googleassistant binding support the ArmLevel behaviour of the ArmDisarm. If so how would I use it ?
I would like to be able to set and part set
My channel definition only allows Arm / Disarm ie Switch ON/OFF


Switch AlarmSet “HouseAlarm” { channel=“mqtt:topic:fd8436e5:Alarm:alarmset:”, ga=“SecuritySystem” }



Yes it does support it.
You can add pincode as well… I tested it last week and it worked just fine.

But the code you entered above is NOT a thing file (channel definition). Its items definition :smiley:

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How would I define this in the item definition ?

Just like you just did… It´s an item you have defined here.

Sorry, still confused.
How do I tell Google assistant what the different states can be (and presumably it can’t be a switch as that only has on / off state. I use a .map transformation to change the mqtt payload to the correct value.


I dont understand your question…
You have defined a switch. This can be either ON or OFF. Google will know from the item type (Switch).
So if you tell Google to arm the alarm, it will send ON to your openhab. And if you tell Google to disarm, it will send OFF.

Alarm systems can be armed at different levels e.g full, perimeter only, upstairs only.
Google assistant understands that, it is/was a feature of Nest Alarms.

The question is how can that be linked to openHAB

The alarm would have to have a switch for each location. If the alarm system only got one “input”, there is no chance to make such a system, the way I see it. And it wouldnt make any sense either.

If it does handle different locations, I would assume its quite simple. Just use a switch item for each location… Like this: (Please notice, I havnt tried this… Its just what seems logic to me).

Switch AlarmSet01 “HouseAlarm 01” { channel=“...:alarmset01:”, ga=“SecuritySystem” }
Switch AlarmSet02 “HouseAlarm 02” { channel=“...:alarmset02:”, ga=“SecuritySystem” }


You can even define each area with its own pincode like this:

Switch AlarmSet01 “HouseAlarm 01” { channel=“...:alarmset01:”, ga=“SecuritySystem” [ tfaPin="123456" ] }
Switch AlarmSet02 “HouseAlarm 02” { channel=“...:alarmset02:”, ga=“SecuritySystem” [ tfaPin="654321" ] }

Honestly, this is how alarm systems work. You can arm it at one of several levels. That’s a single act. The alarm is configured to know “level A” excludes the garage, “level B” includes the garage but excludes upstairs, there’s probably a default for everything, etc. That’s the alarm’s business.

Yes, of course you can’t do that if you are restricted to on/off switch for control. That’s why OP is asking … how can they link to say a Number or String Item that can represent that action when they say e.g. “Google set alarm level 3” or whatever.
I don’t know that part, just trying to explain the query.

Mine cant… :wink: Well, not true actually, cause I can change the program and have each room as a seperate area, if I wanted to… Only need to change my IHC programming, as it´s 100% fully flexible :smiley: Atm its one area only. Thats why I never thought about having several levels/areas.

It all depends on how the alarm system is linked, (what items types beeing used). SecuritySystem is switch type items.

EDIT - Just to make it clear… You seperate each area in the labels. Like, if you want to active the alarm in level A. Then name the label “Alarm Level A”. If you want to activate in Level B, then name the label “Alarm Level B”.

I dont see how come this shouldnt work. But then again, I havn´t tried that part myself, but I´m pretty sure @michikrug can tell for sure.

The alarm has 3 states - Full Set, Part Set, UnSet. The input is an MQTT topic with a different payload for each state.

The google api seems to have some notion of different ArmLevels but sounds like the binding does not implement that. It should look a bit like a dimmer or fan speed control ie different levels of “on”.

I can make it work by having 2 switches and a different channel for each.

Thanks for the help

It depends on the alarm system. Its two different ways of controlling the device (alarm system. It could have been a garagdoor, lock, window or anything simular).

  1. When each state is linked to their own channel, you cant use Dimmer types (Fan example).
  2. When each state is not linked to their own channel, you probably cant use Switch type. (I´m not sure I have seen this before, but I dont know everything about security alarm systems).

It´s the input options of the device which is important.

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