Google assistent and OpenHAB

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: N4100 8gb
    • OS: debian 10 on proxmox VM
    • Java Runtime Environment: which java platform is used and what version
    • openHAB version: 2.4?
  • Issue of the topic: cannot add openhab to google assistant

I have started a new VM with debian, installed openhab and added homematic binding.

After that i added openhab cloud account.

Now I’m trying to add openhab as a google assistant service. After login page, nothing happened.

Because I’m a absolut beginner, please tell me how to solve such a problem.

Chek and login.
click on your user setting (your login email up in right corner) choose application, and see if Google has been added.
If it has been added, it should be working. But you´ll need to add some metadata to some items, and then syncronize with Google, before you can make use of it.

Thanks a lot for you fast answer. Well, myopenhab shows me as application google assistant voice control, but I’m wondering that the service is not added to the list in my google home app. I can add this service again and again. There is no answer for rooms or something like in youtube how to videos.

Can you tell me a google site for metadata? I have tried to use visual studio code, but I had many problems :frowning:

Hello Kim,

well, I had several problems, like samba share, thats why visual studio code could not write any files, thats why I had problems creating item files. and so on.

Now, I’m lucky what google assistant works. But I have to tell you, OpenHAB needs to get more easy for newbies, maybe by creating items in paperui with google tags.

And I’m wondering, if any item has an error, google assistant deletes all items in my assistant app, so I have to add all items again and again.

I think they´re working on that part. There are alot of people agreeing with you on this, incl. me.

That do sound like an error somewhere. GA should not delete your items (devices) unless you specific tell it to “syncronize my devices”. If it do happens during “syncronize my devices”, then there may be an error in the communication between GA<->myopenhab and/or myopenhab<->your system.