Google calendar problem

Hi !

I have a problem with events importer from Google calendar. Since years I have been using Caldavio binding, which is now in ver 1.14. Since last weeks OH stopped updating events. It shows me only old ones. When I restart OH process it update new events and everything goes well, but it doesn’t do it automatically with set refresh time.
I am using the newest OH2 release, did something change with that binding ?

As I see there is another, newer Google Calendar Scheduler binding - should I migrate to that ? Is it easy ? I am just using events for notification in OH.

That’s a 1.x version binding. The code base for all 1.x bindings has been forzen for at least 6 months. And it is highly likely that it’s been years since that binding has been changed any. But the binding is just one side of the connection. It’s possible Google changed something on their end. But 1.x bindings are frozen and end of life so if that did happen it won’t be fixed in the 1.x binding. So yes, I’d recommend moving to the new 2.x Google Calendar Scheduler binding.

I’ve never used either binding so I can’t say whether it’s easy or not.

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Thanks. I have tried but official doc is quite short, is it any other description with examples ?
I just need to assign DateTime item from Google calendar and I don’t see such option.

I didn’t know there was a version 2.x of this binding, please help me out, where can I find it?

I don’t use it so I can’t help with any of the specifics.