Google Home - Actions (API) now available!

(Stefan Haupt) #283

@Pumbadinho I have just installed OpenHAB on an Orange Pi Plus 2E, because of its 2GB Ram. Quite cheap (like 50EuR). Unfortunately my 300EUR Synology is not powerful enough to run docker, watch out for consumer vs. expert products. of course I am looking forward for the google home integration :slight_smile:

(scott dee) #284

No need for docker in syno. It can run as a regular package. I’ve been using it that way since February and is rock solid

(dkw04058) #285

Good afternoon, I am trying to setup google home actions from I am stuck at the Oauth app linking part. I can see the openhab test app in Google Home, but when I connect i get an oauth error.

Is the Applinking and oauth setup in the guide between google actions and the GCP app openhab-google-assistant?

I have googled quite a bit and can’t find many guides on setting up. any help would be greatly appreciated.


(Nick) #286

@dkw04058 Unless you’re really close, I’d probably just wait. Setting up an Oauth 2.0 server or even a provider seems like more than it’s worth at this point. With my luck, Google will add it in as soon as I take all the time to set up the authentication framework and link these things. That’s my take on it so far anyway. I just got a Google Home and discovered openHAB though. Seems like getting openHAB set up properly is a really good bet at this point though.

(Pumbadinho) #287

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(Pumbadinho) #288

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(Dominic Bonneau) #289

Come on google !!

(Lucky) #290

LOL. I have been making sure I’m tracking this thread :slight_smile: Can’t believe it’s taking this long to be approved for a well-established platform.

(Greg) #291

@MARZIMA Hi Mehmet, Have you received anything back from Google? Anything we can watch, or vote on for them to approve this asap?

(Mark Lavercombe) #292

I’ve been checking my Home app hourly to see if it’s approved… Hope they approve soon or my productivity is going way down! :grin:

(Pumbadinho) #293

As far as I understand it’s only on Google side, to accept Openhab as service for Google home?
The technical doing is already finished?

(Paul Smyth) #294

I’ve used the send feedback feature of my Google Home to tell them to hurry
up or I’ll get some Echoes lol

(Mike Klein) #295

I guess Openhab is not the only submitted project…

(jb) #296

Also stuck in the Oauth app linking part, did you manage it?

My post :

Problem with Openhab/openhab-google-assistant

(BARRY) #297

Hi may I have the Google project id, so I can bug the Google team?

Hi Barry,

Thank you for your concern about the openHAB project on Actions on Google. I can help you with the update on the project status if you can provide me the associated project-id. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have that information.

Actions on Google Support Team

(Michael Carroll) #298

FYI, the project-id is a unique identifier for the Official Google Cloud project. Only the developers have this, and it’s probably a bad idea to bug the Google support team about a project you don’t own.

Best advice is to let the review process play out and let the developers handle it, as all official Actions have to go through this. Good things come to those who wait.

(RockClimber) #299

I think you got this wrong. You might take a closer look to the signature.

(Trey Sheldon) #300

Yes, please don’t pester the support team. As pointed out earlier, this is certainly NOT the only action submitted for approval.

Remember, it may seem like a trivial thing to add a single action to Home, but that single action is being turned on for millions upon millions of users so careful testing and verification must be performed.

(Mark Williamson) #301

Google has definitely been busy. Almost everyday I see new device support
added. Hopefully openHAB is coming soon. I have many custom-built devices
throughout the house that I would like to have access to. I used to have
them hooked up to the Amazon Echo but since it’s launch in Canada, it
royally screwed up my custom integration so I’m making the switch over to
google home.

(Ian Bishop) #302

Ordinarily I would agree with those advising patience, however as you can see Barry has found a helpful agent who said not to hesitate to request the info.

Seems low risk to me.