Google Home - Actions (API) now available!

(Mark Lavercombe) #323

Any updates? :grin:

(Michael Parment) #324

I am also using Harmony with Google Home in Sweden.
The problem with this is that you must have a lot of activities in Harmony and i have not figured out how to set dimmers to a value.

I an now mostly using IFTTT for integration Google Home with OpenHAB.


(Andrew Pawelski) #325

Can you expand on how you use ifttt I tried a basic send command off and it didn’t seem to work


(Adtwomey) #326

I thinking selling my Google home. An going to Amazon Alexa. Hope you’re listening Google.

(Nigel Evans) #327

Hi Andrew, When did you try this, as the ‘Myopenhab’ cloud service seemed a bit flakey over the weekend, and commands were either taking minutes to respond, or not responding at all?

(Andrew Pawelski) #328

yes ok it works now - now need to dust off some guides on how to expose items in myopenhab

(Michael Parment) #329

Paper UI / Configuration / Services / openHAB Cloud / Items to expose to apps as IFTTT.


(Andrew Pawelski) #330

Perfect! This will create a lot of IFTTT rules (one for on, one for off per item) is there a limit?

Is there a way to set a dimmer?

(Andrew Pawelski) #331

Ok for anyone wondering about dimmers with IFTTT and google assistant
Set a recipe up of type “say a phrase with a number”

(Michael Parment) #332

I have one IFTTT for each item Turn Livingroom Ceiling $ to update an lowercase item for the device.
Then i have an openHAB rule when lowercase item change send uppercase command to the device Item .


(Andrew Pawelski) #333

Ah that just made it loads more work done than I hoped - I know a command that does just work - “hey Alexa…”

(Nigel Evans) #334

Hi Andrew, That’s correct. Just use the ‘say command with number’, and pass that response ‘#’ as the command to the dimmer.

(Michael Parment) #335

I have both Alexa and Google Home and as for now Alexa is much easier and Alexa is also supporting my Sonos system.


(Belgadon) #336

@MARZIMA: Are there any updates?

(Markus) #337

Hi folks,

maybe a stupid question - but what is the real benefit of a native google home integration? Already today I can use the Philips hue emulation giving me control over all devices - in addition to this IFTTT also works perfect already with openhab as such - what is the benefit I’m missing? Thanks


(Mihir Patil) #338

I guess it feels smoother? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

(Matthew L Adams) #339

If you’ve been watching other Google home topics, they are removing that ability from almost all regions. The hue emulation no longer works for me and many other users. A native Google home app would solve that problem.

If the hue emulation still works for you I recommend never disconnecting it or you will likely never be able to reconnect it.

(Andrew Pawelski) #340

Also means to use GH and IFTTT your need rules to do basic commands or have two IFTTT rules per device

And it’s not a single pane of glass for management

(Mehmet Arziman) #341

And I doubt that you have enough respect!
Stay at your line and dont be cocky by being disrespectful. You know my name and there is no need for this style.

I dont like the way you write here, by expecting others to work for you?

So again, Iam in touch with Google and instead of accepting the fact that I try my best to speed it up…people start getting offensive.

Whats the point? Do you think you motivate anybody with this behaviour?

It is not „Marzipan“ it is maybe Google.
So whats your point???

(Mehmet Arziman) #342

What you did is correct!
You should stay with /rest, and you should add the scope „google-assistant“ (if I remember correctly). The OAuth fields are correct.
If you go on Allow at OAuth Flow within Hoogle App, sometimes it stuck. I dont know why, but Google had major issues there and sometimes a second trial works fine.

Tag your Items with Lightning, Switchable etc. and they will appear. But that must be in place before doing the Google App OAuth Linkage.

Hope this helps…
Let me know if you need further support.