Google Home - Actions (API) now available!

(mcqwerty) #463

I am doing exactly that:

say("Hello world", "voicerss:enGB", "chromecast:audio:myGoogleHome")

Where the first argument is the phrase you want to say
Second argument is the language you want to use (I am using British English)
Third argument is the name of your google home Thing as is known to your Chromecast binding

Note: you must have ‘VoiceRSS Text-to-speech’ installed.
Paper UI -> Add-ons -> Voice -> VoiceRSS Text-to-Speech

It does play an announcement chime before it says the phrase and there is a bit of a delay but it works pretty well and is a lot of fun :slight_smile:

Official Google Assistant Integration for openHAB
(Will Waterston) #464

Thanks for that, I’ll check out Chromecast first, I’m not using that yet.


(Lucky) #465

With the gRPC based Google Assistant, all I do is send a command via REST through python, which internally just sends this command (via text API) to Google Assistant: “repeat after me < whatever I want it to say >”. No chime since it’s thinking it’s actually from someone saying the command verbally. I might post a video sometime

(Will Waterston) #466

When you say “text API” are you referring to the public API.AI, or the “undocumented” hidden local api?

(mcqwerty) #467

@luckymallari Please tell us more - do you have any links to docs, code samples, anything?
(We are getting pretty off topic here so a new thread would probably be a good idea)

(Will Waterston) #468

Yes, maybe a thread for google home with IFTTT?

(Stef Coene) #469

There is already a thread how to use google home and IFTTT:


(BB) #470

Hello Marzima,

I have been following this thread and it all sound great. Is there any chance we know when google will have this available to all a normal home control -> add device.

Well done this far and a big thank you to all in the community for helping.

(Mehmet Arziman) #471

Hi All,

great news! Google is currently testing it and if all goes well, we might have this week the official openHAB Action iunder Home Control of Google Assistant app.

I am doing a new deployment and looking forward to get it out asap. Thanks for being patient.

Google finally reacted and speeded things up the last days.

Fingers crossed!
Going to let you know these days and hope you get your long awaited suprise.

BR Mehmet

(Olivier Faber) #472

That’s awesome! Thank you for letting us know.

(Ronny Terhuerne) #473

Awesome News!

Thank you for all your work, Mehmet!

(Lucky) #474

Nice work @MARZIMA

(Mark Lavercombe) #475

That’s great news, thanks for updating us.
Looking forward to the announcement soon!

(Gaël Grasset) #476

Thanks for the update ! Thanks a lot again :slight_smile:

(Paul Smyth) #477

All comes to he who waits. Thanks for your work on this Marzima. I’ve
resisted the urge to set up my own server etc and have patiently waited for
the official solution. Fingers crossed we don’t have long to wait and
they’re quick to reassess any minor glitches.

(Mihir Patil) #478


(luma) #479

Hey, it’s seems OpenHAB is available in the Google Home App :grinning:

(aart) #480

Yes, i see openhab under add devices.
Wen i try to connect i get a fault on the openhab login page: “The application requested acces to unknown scope”…

(Andi) #482

me too

(Steven Barthen) #483

yes it is!

Checked 2h ago and wasnt there… awesome!