Google Home and opanHAB/Hue Emulator. Help needed!

Been scratching my head for a couple of weeks, figure I would ask for more help.

Have the google home set up, the app on my Android phone, and the hue emulator set up.

Based on what I see in the repo, I am expecting to see a SSDP search from the hue-adapter app that the Google Home app launches.

I have wireshark installed on my openHab system, and not seeing any SSDP traffic from my phone when I hit the pair button.

Ideas? Please?!

I don’t know what the hue adapter app does, but on my system I have to enable pairing to make the hue emulator work.

PaperUI -> Configuration -> Services -> IO -> Hue emulation -> Configure -> Pairing enabled

Tried it with Pairing enabled and disabled.

The big thing for me is, I would expect the Google Home->Hue app to send out some kind of packet to scan for the device.

Is there something else I need to install on my Android phone before trying to search?

I’m using the Hue emulation with Echo Dot, so can’t tell.
But it looks like here are some valuable information:

HueEmulation and Google Home support

I’ve been following that, and trying that stuff out… nada. I was thinking that my phone was blocking Upnp/Ssdp packets, but I have used programs like UpnpBrowser and BubbleUpnp and both seem to work fine.

I am still hung up on the observation that when I hit the “pair button”, I don’t see any SSDP packets being broadcast…

just frustrated.