Google Home and OpenHAB not syncing

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: 2 sockets, 4 cores - 8 GM RAM
    • OS: Debian 9.6
    • Java Runtime Environment: 1.8.0_181
    • openHAB version: 2.3.0-1
      VeraPlus Z-Wave controller

Hey everyone, first time posting here so please let me know if I did something wrong.

I’m having problems sycing my Google Home with OpenHAB. I’ve authorized OpenHAB through the Google Assistant/Home app on my phone, and it says it was successful, several times. I’ve also verified I’ve added tags to a few devices for testing.

When I tell Google Home to sync my devices, it tells me there are no devices to sync. When I tell her to sync with OpenHAB, she tells me I need to resync my account, so I resync my account and try again.

My house.items file has a few lines that look like the snippet below - is the tag in the right place?

Switch   MBOverheadLightsStatus "MBOverheadLights Status" (GDevices,GRoom7) [ "Lighting" ] {mios="unit:house,device:171/service/SwitchPower1/Status"} 

Is there anything else I can try to get the two to sync? I’ve deleted all of the authorizations at and tried resyncing.

Make sure that the Switch appears on
In order for it to appear, it has to receive at least 1 state update since OH2 startup

anything in the logs of OH2?

Have you tried this tag validator

They do not appear on that page. It looks like I have some more work to do, thanks!

Not yet, but I will, thank you!