Google Home and Selecting a source for denon receiver(solved)

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: i7, 7gb ram, 500gb
    • OS: centos
    • Java Runtime Environment:open java
  • Issue of the topic: google home and a denon receiver. How to select a source for the receiver?

I have google home, open hab and my denon-marantz-binding all working for power and mute from my google home to my receiver?. How can i get my google home to work with selecting a source? I only want to be able to select 2 sources. Game or cbl/sat. I do not need all the sources to work, only the 2. So I thought a switch could do the trick? If I am able to say any source and that way would work, that would be ok too.

I tried the following, but it does not work. I tried different switch/strings and other ideas that do not work?
String marantz_input “Input [%s]” (Media,Livingroom) [ “Lighting” ] {channel=“denonmarantz:avr:1:mainZone#input” }

Can some one show me the way? I thought about a rule/script, but do not see how that can work with google home.

FYI, I was a home-assistant user and I have this working, but I am trying out openhab to see what i like more.


Try creating a dummy switch item. It does not have to be linked to a channel.

Then use a rule to change the receiver when dummy item is triggered.

I don’t think you can with the google home integration. at leat not yet. There is a lot of work going into it at the moment

I tried to make a http binding switch, tell me if that does not work, but there are no errors in the log, but i do not see the switch in my paper iu. Anything wrong here?

Switch MyItem1 "web_receiver" <switch>  { http=">[ON:POST:http://0005cd2d.fios-router.home/MainZone/index.put.asp?cmd0=PutZone_InputFunction%2FSATCBL:on] >[OFF:POST:http://0005cd2d.fios-router.home/MainZone/index.put.asp?cmd0=PutZone_InputFunction%2FGAME:off]" }

I created a “dummy” rule

rule “HeizungNachtWohnenAus”
Item yourTriggerSwitch received command ON
sendHttpGetRequest(“http://IP:PORT/set/thermostat/ABBxxxxx/ch0000/off”) //Wohnzimmer

and a items

Switch yourTriggerSwitch “manually Trigger Switch [%s]” (yourGroup)

This as in my other test code, does not show up on the paper ui control page? Am i wrong in the concept that the control page should show all switches?

this works!!!

Switch Fios       "Fios"       <light> (gKitchen) [ "Switchable" ] { http=">[ON:POST:http://0005cd2df566.fios-router.home/MainZone/index.put.asp:cmd0=PutZone_InputFunction%2FSAT/CBL] >[OFF:POST:http://0005cd2df566.fios-router.home/MainZone/index.put.asp:cmd0=PutZone_InputFunction%2FGAME]" }
Switch ChromeCast "ChromeCast" <light> (gKitchen) [ "Switchable" ] { http=">[ON:POST:http://0005cd2df566.fios-router.home/MainZone/index.put.asp:cmd0=PutZone_InputFunction%2FGAME] >[OFF:POST:http://0005cd2df566.fios-router.home/MainZone/index.put.asp:cmd0=PutZone_InputFunction%2FSAT/CBL]" }
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Hi Marc,
many thanks for you “SAT/CBL” hack - it saved me much time looking for “CBL/SAT” (which I renamed and used for “Apple TV”) in my Home Assistant setup.
Originally I started from here: subutux/denonavr/blob/master/CommandEndpoints.txt