Google Home as Openhab speaker

Does someone know if it is possible to use Google Home as Speaker in my Openhab system.


I don’t believe so, Google didn’t build them to be controllable.
But there’s plenty of options how to get sound out of your OH box, starting with the internal speaker to some Bluetooth boombox to Sonos or Kodi.

Doesn’t it work with the Chromecast binding ?

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I already use Sonos but now when i use Goole Home to voice control Openhab it is more natural that status announcements is delivered from Google Home speaker.

I will test the chromecast binding.


It does work with the CC binding. The only bad part is that because you basically cast a TTS if the GH was already playing music then that will stop and wont get restarted…if only it had a separate Notification channel…

I have a rule to tell me if my Garage door is open… and in this rule I check to see if the GH is currently playing any music and if so then don’t announce the Garage door status…I should update this to then announce it when the music stops.

Just had another thought.

Google has just released their Broadcast feature.

I’m not home right now to test, but I bet the situation I mentioned above where using the CC binding to send a TTS message to Ghome would just interrupt any other content being played would not happen with the “broadcast” method.

If so then if we can find a way to fire google assistant commands via API then I think we would have a nice little solution.

Hi Greg, would you please show the rule you wrote for announcing a notification to GH. Thanks

Hi all,
any news about using Google Home as a notify speaker ?
I’ve found this node.js script (not tested yet):

If there are more info could be nice to share.
Thanks a lot

I use chromecast to sent tts to a GH

I use the chromecast binding with google home my notifications are. mp3 voice files that openhab sends too the Google home using the chromecast binding

I brought my Google home for the same reason as you posted for a notification speaker you can add more and send the same file at the same time

Is this still not possible?