Google Home & ha-bridge


I bought a Google Home this weekend after reading about the ha-bridge binding and wanted to use it to send commands to openhab. I didn’t read too much about it, basically just saw a few Youtube videos. Only when I was about to set up the ha-bridge binding I realised that it now says that Google Home doesn’t support local connections to Philips Hue Hubs anymore.

Does this mean I can’t use the binding to send commands to openhab anymore?

I didn’t actually go ahead and try setting it up myself but if this is the case are there any alternatives?

I’m currently using AutoVoice & Tasker to control certain things but don’t like the fact that you have to say “Ask AutoVoice to” and it’s a bit cumbersome to set up.

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Remember, search is your friend:

And here is what is being worked on:

Thanks for that. I did a bit of searching but most of the threads are a few months old and wasn’t able to figure out at which point google stopped supporting it.
Admittedly, though I came across your first link but didn’t see that it was still active :pensive:

No worries, just wanted to keep it short and sweet and avoid any rehashing.

I managed to get it working by following this post and installing an older version of the apk

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Are you aware of Google Home Shortcuts?

I don’t have Google Home and I did set up some Shortcuts in Google Assistant and they work pretty well.

I’ve not tried to run them from my Android Wear 2.0 watch yet so shortcuts might not work from there, but you can use AutoWear for that if you want that capability.

To get to shortcuts in Google Assistance:

  • press the home button until Google Assistant comes up.
  • tap the blue and white icon in the upper right corner
  • tap the three dots icon in the upper right corner and select “Settings”
  • scroll down to the bottom and tap shortcuts
  • follow the instructions from the video above to create shortcuts.