Google Home/IFTT/MyOpenHab

I had google home setup with IFTT and MyOpenHab
I’m using OpenHab2.
I would tell google home to turn on two hour hold. That is a switch in openhab that activates my ecobee for 2 hours to a certain temperature.
It would go into the ether…and work(i have no idea how IFTT and MyOpenHab work.)
It Just stopped working.

I checked my MyOpenHab online account. It’s Online
I checked IFTT, the services(home assistant and openhab are all connected).

Any idea what could cause the failure. I don’t even know where to start with this one.


I haven’t played around with Google Home/Ifttt/my.openhab yet (mine is coming from Santa :grinning:) but I would do it as follows:

Google Home through Ifttt and my.openhab turns on a virtual switch that triggers a rule to set the heat to a certain temp. Define a timer in the rule that would set the heat to the desired temp at the end of the rule.

My.openhab isn’t the most stable right now and GoogleHome and Ifttt are cloud services also. I wouldn’t do anything that is critical to safety/security but at least this limits the interaction to one instance.

I don’t there there is a timer issue; there is no “rule” being messed with in openhab.
It doesn’t seem like the communication chain is working between IFTT and myopenhab is my guess.
I don’t see anything entering theopenhab event log.

So not sure what caused it…i had to basically go into IFTT and just retype all the text and resave the applet, and it worked…i hate relying on the internet…can’t wait for a binding for google home.

it is off topic but i think the best combo is an openhab2 with bue emulation and amazon dot for voice control. it works very well.
alexa with an access to free amazon aws is an amazingly powerful solution. google is nowhere near yet to what you can do via aws integration.