Google Home - MyOpenhab not working anymore

I had a working Google Home to MyOpenhab connection. A couple of weeks ago this stopped working. I searched through the topics here and discovered that I had to remove the mutual authentication between Google and myOpenhab and vice versa. So I did. Now I cannot reconnect them anymore. Google says this has to do with the language of my iPhone/iPad and the language/region setting of the app I am connecting to, in this case, myOpenhab. I cannot find any language or region settings in myOpenhab and anyway these seem to be en-us.

Can anyone help me with this?

In PaperUI > Configuration > System scroll down till you see Regional location. You will need to set location, language, time zone and make sure to click save.

Did not help. I have no way to debug this. Should I remove myOpenhab an reinstate a new one?

This is in my on premise openhab not in myOpenhab. Can we change localization that in myOpenhab somewhere?

Log on to your myopenhab cloud connection and see if there is a place to for that. Best I remember there is not.

You could try to uninstall the binding, remove the UUID in var/lib/openhab2/uuid. Then stop OH, clean the cache and reboot or restart OH. Next reinstall the binding and go back to var/lib/openhab2/uuid to get the new uuid and replace it with the one in

When removing the uuid use text editor e.g. nano and do not delete the uuid file just what’s inside of it.