Google Home - no longer working with hue emulation

Today, google home is no longer working with openhab.

I tell it to turn on a light and it says ok, turning on light…but never does anything.
The switch in openhab doesn’t even show up in the log, no event, nothing.
Is as if it recognizes the switch, but then does nothing with it.

I haven’t updated my home application so no idea what caused it.
Did they push an update recently to the hardware that is now blocking it

Just an update, today it is working again. Not sure what they did.
I really want to see something that is self contained and not subject to the whims/updates of vendors.
Hopefully one day we get something like that.

Another update; it’s been down for over a week again. Google home registers and says OK, but doesnt do anything. I don’t see anything coming into the logs either.
I was hoping it was temporary, but maybe google pushed another update that broke this.

Alexa still functions with it; GHome has been dead for over a week now.