Google Home Push Notifications - Is It Possible

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Thank you for testing! Im gonna try it with English, or Danish…

The language shouldnt make any differences. If you have the Google TTS installed it should be working without any issues.
Btw I´m running openhab 2.5M1.

hey guys, joining this conversation as I’m confused.

I thought the say() or playSound() command are used to use the google device as output device, like a loudspeaker, right? But how can I send a command to google home? like “hey google, play radio”?

best regards

You´ll have to do it same way, but using the chromecast channels for playing in the.
I do however fail to understand the need of this… I would say it would be better just tell your Google Home device to play what you like :smiley:

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I’d like to turn on the radio in the bathroom as soon as I enter :wink:

Found a work around by hardcoding the stream URL into OH but I’m missing a STOP command (just pause is available, which isn’t what I’m looking for). Example


@Kim_Andersen what did you mean by “but using the chromecast channels for playing in the.”?

I dont think there is a STOP. You should use PAUSE. It was discussed in another thread I cant find right now. Pause will do the same.

Hmm… Seems like something went wrong in that sentence… I was suppose to write, you´ll have to use the channel for this (I think it´s the control channel).

When I use PAUSE instead of STOP with the playStream command, then it actually really pauses the stream. Meaning, when I return to the stream I listen to a delayed stream which means e.g. the news won’t be played at the right time, like 12:00h noon.

It would be much better if I could really use TTS with something like “hey google play radio energy” and “hey google stop”. will give it a try.

I agree, and I would suspect it should work. But I have not tried.

Regarding the STOP. I have found the thread for you too read… Read the whole thread :slight_smile:Chromecast Binding - How to send STOPMOVETYPE

Just buy another Google Home and place it in the same room, then sent the command to that Home :wink:

great idea, I’ll do that :crazy_face:

So I finally got a chance to try it with GoogleTTS English voice (googletts:enUSStandardB to be specific) and the same thing happens unfortunately. My Google Hub and Google Home Mini both “hang”, and I see the state going to offline:
2019-08-18 11:13:41.182 [hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - ‘chromecast:chromecast:06c76ee5758f49d9bdd0b87cddddddd’ changed from ONLINE to OFFLINE (COMMUNICATION_ERROR): Waiting for response timed out

Wish I could somehow get some debug logging from my Home device :wink:

Hi Gert-Jan,

you have mentioned earlier that you do hear the “beep” after sending the say command.
Did you actually aquire an API key and configure the google TTS service as per:

VoiceRSS also needs an API key BTW.

Yes, I have a key for Google as well as a key for VoiceRSS

Hi @giejay,
I encountered similar issue (beep but no voice) when my OH server and Google Mini Home were on different subnets.

It seems that for TTS to work, both devices have to be on the same subnet and can see (ping) each other locally.

Thanks for the feedback! My openhab server is running on and my GH on That shouldn’t be a problem. However, I am running openhab in Docker… Maybe that causes issues? People here who have it working while running OH in Docker?

When using Docker make sure you configure the IP of your server in the Chromecast binding callbackUrl:

Without that configuration the binding would send an URL containing the unreachable Docker container IP to the Google Home.

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I should really start reading documentation :wink: That was it, I added the IP of my raspberry pi and everything works now! Thank you

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Sorry for the ugly question but, do the google api key need a billing account as I understand till now?

I think you need a billing account, but you wont be billed

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