Google Home routines error

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(Davide) #1

Hi, I’ve created some routines on Google home (in Italian language), but when I activate them, the device is correctly turned on or off but home replays with “sorry, I can’t contact…”, if I simply ask to Google to turn on something without a routine it works correctly… why this happens? Thanks!

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(Angelos) #2

well… this is purely a Google Home question… did you try searching their forums?

(Davide) #3

Uhm… I’ve googled but I’ve found only some results with openhab, maybe it’s caused by the Italian language?

(Angelos) #4

does it work in English?
I don’t know… I haven’t used Google Home/Assistant Routines yet in another lang than EN

(Davide) #5

I’ve just changed the assistant language (not the app only the voice) and it does the same thing, it turns on or off the things but says “sorry I can’t reach n devices now”

(furax54) #6

The issue is here :