Google Home - Sorry, I can't reach [Item name] right now

I created a couple of items that I use to trigger a rule in openHab through Google Assistant. However, every time I use it Google replies by saying “Sorry, I can’t reach [item name] right now.” but then updates it anyway. So it works as intended, except for the annoying reply.

It’s probably worth noting that this only happens with the two items I created to use as a trigger. The items that are linked to physical switches etc (ie. light switch items) work fine.

Any ideas what may cause this?

Can you show a sample Item definition?

This is one of the triggers:

Switch tr_bedtime "Bedtime Trigger" ["Switchable"]

I doubt the problem is caused by item names that start with a lower case but it’s recommended to start the name using a capitol letter like below.

Switch Tr_bedtime "Bedtime Trigger" ["Switchable"]

If using VSCode, with the OH extension, to edit files this is required to have proper highlighting. Try making the change, who knows, it might work.:wink:

Do you use this in a routine?

Yes, so that I can say something like “good night”, which then triggers the OH item

Really? Most of my Items have lowercase prefixes reminding me of type e.g. sw_SomeSwitch . All seems well, but I don’t use any [ ] tags

When you search this forum on google home routines you will find that the answer is that there is a bug on the google side…

I’ll need to search and find were I read it but if your using VSCode then your item’s are not highlighted. Notice the item difference in the snapshot below.


ahh right, I think that’s just a quirk of the text painting gizmo. So far as I can tell the Items still get offered for autocomplete etc. But then one never realises what goodies are missing if you don’t see them :wink:

I have this same issue, only i’m not using any routines or anything, just simple MQTT switch. When I ask google to ‘Turn on the fire’ the fire comes on, but google replies “Sorry, i’m having trouble reaching that right now”.

Very strange, it is clearly working and connected, but for some reason google is not getting the positive response it wants?

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