Google Home won't pull in my devices (An Error Occurred) When Syncing - Seems to be items issue

I have had no problems with my OH2 install for the longest time. Have been using voice control with several echos as this was all I had. Google gave us a MINI, so I figured why not and installed it.

Running into issues getting the Home to see my OH2 devices. It sees only one of my items files. I separate my item files into various item files for ease of management. It seems to have problems with my items files that are using the exec binding. I have tried tagging my items in multiple ways. Verified with console they are indeed tagged. Remove OAuth, added it back, etc.

Here is a sample of one of my item files as an example. Not sure what the issue is.

Switch rf_plug_LR_lamp (Lights) [ “Lighting” ]
Switch rf_plug_DR_lamp (Lights) [ “Lighting” ]
Switch rf_plug_BR_lamp [ “Lighting” ]

Switch Outlet_Power_RF { channel=“exec:command:outlet-power:run” }
String Outlet_Power_Args_RF { channel=“exec:command:outlet-power:input” }
String Outlet_Power_Out_RF { channel=“exec:command:outlet-power:output” }

Note, I have also moved the tagging to the exec command group below it, but it made no difference. This is probably incorrect as it makes the items disappear in console when I do.

For reference, here is my corresponding things file:

// “%2$s” will be replace by the input channel, this makes it possible to use one command line with different arguments.
// e.g: “ls” as and “-a” or “-l” as additional argument set to the input channel in the rule.

Thing exec:command:outlet-power [
command="/home/pi/python_scripts/automation/v2/codesend %2$s",

Thing exec:command:zigbee-bulb-power [
command="/home/pi/oh_custom_scripts/ %2$s",

Thing exec:command:zigbee-outlet-power [
command="/home/pi/oh_custom_scripts/ %2$s",

*Note, I have a hardware rooted Wink Hub 1 that I am passing the exec command to, as is illustrated.

Thanks for any assistance!