Google Nest Device Access Console now available

I think this was addressed here. Google add-ons use deprecated OAuth out-of-band (flow) · Issue #12455 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub. I recently updated my client type to Web Application from TVs and Limited Input devices - assuming this will keep things running.

Thank-you @dschoepel!
Updating the client type did the trick! :slight_smile:

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A few months ago I got the binding to work with just one Nest thermostat, now I moved to a new home & added a few more devices, so I needed to recreate my Authorization Code.

Whatever I try, I just keep getting the same error on the SDM binding.


Failed to authorize SDM client. Check the authorization code or generate a new one.

I found out that the code I received from the google URL, the first characters were: 4%2F, I replaced the %2F with a /, still the same issue.

Any help on this one? I’m out of ideas

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I remember reading earlier this year that Google would possibly discontinue support for the Nest APIs in October (but I can’t find the link anymore). I haven’t seen any update regarding whether that happened or not. @VGhesq, perhaps that is why you are receiving the error? Can anyone else confirm whether the OpenHAB Nest APIs still work? Can new authorization codes be created? Will that be going away soon?

I can confirm that it still works. I have only Nest Protects, so there is no migration path for me. I cannot answer to your other questions.

Hello everyone,
did anybody geht a solution for this? I searched many sites and Videos for this behavior and did not find anything. I am running the latest Openhabian with Openhab 3.4 on a Raspberry Pi. The error ist the same as in the mentioned post, that I don’t have the permission for the Image. Only the timestamp works. I went through the whole process twices, but it will not Work. I also habe the permission in the allowscreen from google.
Thanks in advance.

I receive the same error if I try to modify the target temperature when the mode is set to OFF. Apparently, it needs to be set to HEAT before the temperature can be changed.

Publishing a research I recently had for integrating with Google Nest Doorbell like the Google Home App
I was looking for a way to download the video clips saved on the Google Home app using a Python script but couldn’t find any official Google API for that.
A (not so) short research, some pixie dust, and so many issues with Google access-tokens, but it finally works!
You can find in my GitHub account - a dedicated Python module to sync your Google Home videos with Telegram.

Python: GitHub - TamirMa/google-nest-telegram-sync

The full details of my research can be found here: Google Nest Camera [Internal] API | by TamirMayer | Feb, 2024 | Medium