Google Pixel 6 Pro not registering on

As the title states, I have one particular instance of openhab that will won’t register my Pixel 6 under devices when I log in remotely. Everything works fine over the app and I can access everything. I tried logging into this instance with an iPad and that registered just fine. I have a separate instance of openhab running that my pixel registers just fine when I logged into it… I searched and found a couple people that had similar problems(all several years old) and it seemed that the solution was to remove the “/” from the end of “”, when I attempt to remove it “” and hit save after removing the forward slash, it doesn’t actually change, it reverts back to “”. So that solution obviously doesn’t work for me. My phone is up to date as is the app. I even tried deleting the app and reinstalling it, with no effect. Any help would be appreciated!!