Google speech to text on Android

When I press on the main menu of my Android phone on the mic google translates my speech to text. Then the GUI shows the message :“Herkend command: (the speech to text message)” (in English will be something like “Known command: (the speech to text message)”
I selected the Rule-based Interpreter.
For a test I added to one switch ga="hoeklamp [inverted=true] assuming that the message hoeklamp would switch the lamp on or off depending on the state but that isn’t happening.
How to debug this or is this wrong.

Switch  Woonkamerhoeklamp                   "Woonkamerhoeklamp"             <switch>            (BG_Woonkamer)                  ["PowerOutlet"]                                 {channel="remoteopenhab:server:70b4f651a3:RFXWoonkamerhoeklamp_Command", ga="hoeklamp [inverted=true]"}

When I select HABot OpenNLP Interpreter than I get a error http code 400

Hey google turn on the Woonkamerhoeklamp

Hey google sync all my devices

I don’t use google as you say. I only want to use google for the speech to text and then process the command myself. How to do this?

It is my understanding that google dose not support this.

You can use google routines to set us something like this but there is no easy way to pass a speech to text string to any google integrated device