Google Text-to-speech seems to work but cant hear anything

Just configured google text-to-speach using the docs. Everything seems to work because i can see the following in the logs:

2019-02-07 19:14:48.486 [INFO ] [clipse.smarthome.model.script.speach] - komt eraan

2019-02-07 19:14:48.490 [DEBUG] [.googletts.internal.GoogleTTSService] - Synthesize 'waarom niet?' for voice 'googletts:nlNLStandardA' in format AudioFormat [codec=MP3, container=NONE, bitDepth=16, bitRate=64000, frequency=44100]

2019-02-07 19:14:48.591 [DEBUG] [ce.googletts.internal.GoogleCloudAPI] - Caching audio file nlNLStandardA_f2fe393f1a13fb5ba06b2450a275dbfb.mp3

2019-02-07 19:14:48.594 [DEBUG] [ce.googletts.internal.GoogleCloudAPI] - Caching text file nlNLStandardA_f2fe393f1a13fb5ba06b2450a275dbfb.txt

2019-02-07 19:14:48.953 [INFO ] [clipse.smarthome.model.script.speach] - is geweest

the loginfo doesn’t show any errors and it says the mp3 has been cashed. When i try playing sound to the same chromecast audio it does work, so the CC is ok.

Any thoughts?

EDIT: OK, just changed the command to :“say(“waarom niet?”,“googletts:nlNLStandardA”, new PercentType(100))”. Now when i trigger the rule i can hear not a normal chirp from the chromecast but more something like morse dots in two tones and then something that resembles a burp, but very quiet. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::persevere: I kid you not.

When i change the text to be spoken to a longer tekst and listen very well at 100% volume i can make out the first one or two words very quiet in very poor quality and then it stops, even though te text is 8 words long??? Again when playing mp3 with playSound() everything workes as expected.

EDIT2: for some mistirious reason the quality got better, but the volume is still really low, much lower then using playSound(). vollume is set to max in TTS configuration using paperUI

After making a change to your configuration try restarting OH and see if that makes a difference.