GoogleMap will not load

I’m trying to setup the GoogleMap in OH1 and followed the instructions here on the Wiki

From what I can tell, I have setup the items, rule, and html all correct. But when I load the map in a browser. It Starts to load, and then throws an error of…

Oops! Something went wrong.
This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.

I’m not really sure where to begin looking to see what may be wrong and it is within the Map.html code, the rule, or the items.

Has anyone else come across a similar problem?

Edit. From what I was reading/researching is that appears you need to get API key for the Google Maps, which I did. I added that Key to the Map.html file and it loads now, just not showing my location from Owntracks yet.

Baby Steps. but making progress… I hope :slight_smile:


I get the same thing on all the different versions of this. Any resolution??


How did you add the api key??

I had stopped using Owntracks a while back, but will probably set it again now that OH2 is official.

But if I remember, you need to signup for one. Its free from google for personal use.

NM got it working… :wink: added the key. Thanks!!

Same marker issue. Did you get that resolved when you were using it? It just keeps showing me as home and i am not. When i take the location from rest/items and past it in google it shows where i am…lol

I honestly don’t remember and need to revisit all it soon. But you should confirm the Owntracks is showing you in the correct location and ensure your updating the correct deviceid to your mosquitto broker.

I remember testing some of that by logging into my OH2 install at home from work via SSH and then updating owntracks on my phone from work and confirming and seeing it update.

Yes thats all working flawlessly…

My current advertised state by owntracks in rest/JCLocation/state/ is 42.88403285479285,-78.87597437473245. SO its there to pickup by the map. If i change the location in the map from url : “…/rest/items/JCLocation/state/”, to anything else i lose the pin so idk…

Dam typeo there was still a old “Patrick” in there LOL… Working good now tracking home, me and my son… :wink:

Just gotta figure out why webview is not loading it now… Its just giving me an error 500… Works fine in the sitemap and firefox via the web. Not the app

Ok fixed that. Now webview just wont show pins lol…