Gpio add-ons

Hi everyone, I am working with a OpenHab project running on a Raspberry Pi.
i have found the instructions for setup the GPIO bindings but i have stopped at the installation step when it is write to copy the two JARs.
Now, I know that I am quite new of OH but, I can’t find how to copy those two files or any other binding, I have searched a way to download the alarm binding for integrate it in my project but still I can’t find a way.
Thank you for your time.

Did you already download all the jar-files to a directory (eg.: addons_repo) in the same subfolder as where the folder ‘addons’ is? (I found this very helpfull for future projects)

otherwise get to the command line, navigate to the folder where your openhab ‘addons’-folder is situated and follow these steps:
(eg.: v1.8.1, should there be a more recent: can be found on at downloads > addons)

sudo mkdir addons_repo
cd addons_repo
sudo wget
sudo unzip
sudo rm

after installation all the addons are in subfolder addons_repo,
you’ll install them, as you need them, with following commands:
(eg.: MQQT binding, always check exact filename… ! twice)
(Be sure to be at the openhab-folder where both subfolders (addons&addons_repo) are located

sudo cp addons_repo/org.openhab.binding.mqtt-1.8.1.jar addons/org.openhab.binding.mqtt-1.8.1.jar

this is info from the manual on > thx to the author

I’m going to recommend that you use the apt-get method, detailed here. See step #9. I originally followed the homeautomationforgeeks instructions, which work, but the apt-get method makes updating much easier and I believe is the “official” method.

I have download all the addons in my pc.
Now I have the two bindings in a USB and I will drop them in to the raspberry as soon as I got home.
Thank both of you for answer me.