GPIO Binding Not Exporting GPIOs

So I’m trying to set up the GPIO binding for the board I’m using (A10-Olinuxino-LIME from Olimex), and I haven’t been able to get openhab to export or even do anything with the gpios once they’re exported.

article for gpios on the board



Switch light_one        {gpio="pin:31"}    
Switch light_two        {gpio="pin:30"} 
Switch light_three      {gpio="pin:29"}


Contact SwitchOne_On    {gpio="pin:63"}  
Contact SwitchOne_Off   {gpio="pin:64"}

(using On and Off contacts is part of how I’m designing the whole system and is irrelevant)

These bindings are also in my addons directory:

I’m using the startup script from here with the modifications outlined in the gpio binding article (can only put two links in a post apparently).

Does anyone have any ideas as to why it’s not exporting any gpios?

UPDATE: So I’ve been reading through the gpio binding code, and I think the reason might be because the system expects the pin to be written as a different name. (i.e. gpio29 instead of gpio29_ph21) Although to my knowledge this still doesn’t change the fact that it’s not exporting the pin in the first place.

I’m not quite confident enough in my knowledge of Java or even how openhab works to feel I can make changes to try them. Is there any possibility that this is the reason?

did you get Your GPIO to work outside Openhab?

Yes, I having independently tested the gpio outside of openhab.

Read through this