Gpio binding

I was watching tutorial on how to use gpio with gpio binding add on. He found it and installed it inside ip:8080/paperui/index.html#/extensions link, but i cannot find it. All i can found it’s onewire gpio.
Tutorail: time: 1.56
Is there a diffrent way of adding this?

You might need to enable legacy add-ons in the PaperUI settings. It should be installable from PapeeUI.

tryed, didn’t work

What version of OH are you running. It should appear in PaperUI.


latest one 1.4.1 which have support for raspberry 3+

That answers my question, but realize that openHABian is NOT openHAB. Assuming you installed the release version of OH from openHABian you are running OH 2.3.

Make sure that you do not have Simple Mode enabled.


disabled simple mode and still didn’t help

Confirm you are looking at “Addons-Bindings” (the list of available bindings) and NOT at Configuration-Bindings (the list of installed bindings). Your posted link will show the Actions tab and NOT the Bindings!!!

i’m sure this is correct place.

The same search on my system shows the OneWireGPIO and the GPIO Binding. Since the later is a OH1 binding with no OH2 successor the legacy bindings do not have to be selected. So it must be something else. Do you see any OH1 binding at all?
Additionally which version are you really running? Stable 2.3 or one of the Milestone or Snapshot-version (we woulds need the version of the lat two)

nope, all are 2.3

i’m curently running,

downloaded raspberry pi image

In this case it should be the stable release 2.3 (like me!).

can you give me link where did you download your version, i’m gonna try your version.

I used the link you used, however openhabian uses a script in order to download the actual openhab version. If you have configured the system differently, the stable version will be loaded.
I have no clue why you are missing the OH1 bindings!

used this tutorial and didn’t do anything different

A wild guess: Do you have “Access Remote Repository” selected? (Under Configuration-System-AddOn Management)

i have

in tutorial he has 7 options in add-ons

but i only have 3

is that “better” or never version of openhabian

You can only see the first seven of all the bindings (I didn’t bother to count them).