Gpio binding

The release notes for openhabian 1.4 suggest that it is OH 2.2 based

What do you see when opening a SSH window, for me it shows:

So it has 2.3.0-1 (Release Build) , how about you @Jaka_Smode?

almost same just some wifi error and firemotd

As said above, I have no clue why the OH1 bindings do not show on your system.
You do have a OH 2.3 installation (which is the present stable relaese) on which they should show.
IMHO it is not related to the way you installed it (via openhabian).

so you did install same version and you have OH1 bindings?

As already said, yes I have the same version and I do have OH1 bindings.

maybe found the problem, i must switch to export mode but i don’t know how

You can do this by editing /etc/openhab2/services/addons.cfg. Uncomment the package and change the value to expert. There are comments in the file to help.

But I wasn’t aware that one needed to use expert mode to get access to OH 1.x version bindings. We didn’t use to have to do so. Did I miss an announcement?