Gpio pins in raspberry and openhab

could the GPIO pins in raspberry pi be used with openhab to control something ( eg. a led ) ?!

You can find all the add-ons here, there is one for GPIO.

If you want to control pins on a remote Pi or even just because, you could use MQTTany. This method would require you to have an MQTT broker setup and also install the MQTT add-on. I am working on a major upgrade for MQTTany that will also add Homie support, which means automatic discovery will be available to easy setup in openHAB.


isn’t there any guide for using the GPIO binding with openhab to control relays or leds ?

Do you need a binding for that ? You can control the GPIO pins by using shell or python commands.
See e.g.

I imagine someone has written one, you could search the forum for it. I’m not running openhab on a Pi so I’ve never used the binding.

Install GPIO binding

Follow example like

Switch LED "LED" { gpio="pin:1" }