GPIO rare bug, where to file issue

I think my Amazon Echo Binding or the http binding is causing my java heap to get full and hence the OH 2.3 crash(for some strange reason openhabian config tool, will not upgrade to 2.4), so for now I added:
EXTRA_JAVA_OPTS="-Xms400m -Xmx650m" to see if this makes my heap not full.

The funny thing is when this happen(like every 4 days) the GPIO stops working if I restart OH. It works fine again, if I reboot the RPI. So its only if I ssh into the RPI and restart the OH service that the GPIO will not work.

Its not a big deal for me, just wanted to let people know about this issue :slight_smile:
The java heap problem is a big issue though, no idea how to fix it though…

See this topic.