GPS location

Does anyone know if there’s a plan to add support for sending GPS location through the app instead of having to download and configure additional apps to (owntracks, etc)?

I see bounties are on the main openHAB github but not the android app (or at least I didn’t see any posted). Is it available and possible to link a bounty to just the Android app or should it be done in the main app?

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If you’re an Android user, this might be useful

There are a number of additional useful apps, but having to load/manage/etc “another” phone app for every phone in the house doesn’t really need to be necessary. It certainly works, I’d just rather have GPS in an app that is already sending device statistics.

There’s a feature request about it:

With the current system of sending device information to the server, it shouldn’t be too hard to add gps.

Thanks! I was searching more for the method (GPS) than feature (presence). Now to figure out how to bounty!