Grafana charts in basic ui remote server

I am having a problem with showing grafana charts in the remote access of the basic ui.Showing my charts in basic ui is in local mode perfectly working, but when I am using remote access through myopenhab I cannot see anything because the server is only accesable in my local network. I mean I know what the problem ist, but I am wondering how you guys solved that point in your system.
Maybe someone could give me a hint how to solve that behavior.

You can’t show grafana chart in remote access unless you open your grafana server to outside access, which I wouldn’t do for security reasons.
You could get grafana to render a jpeg and put it in your html folder

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Yes I could render a image but then I cannot see updated information, right? Or is it possible to render a image e.g. every minute?

You could do an item with an http binding to retrieve the image every minute

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