Grafana - InfluxDB - Error on Direct Link rendered image

Hi Guys
I have installed Grafana-InfluxDB on my Raspi Pi 3B+ through openhabian-config and work fine, but if I try to share the chart with “Direct Link rendered image” I receive an error related to PhantomJS.

My Configuration:
Openhab 2.4
Raspberry Pi 3B+

Can you help me?

Grafana summarily dropped support for direct rendering charts. PhantomJS is old, no longer maintained, and if you try to install it (there are lots of tutorials on how to do this out there) it will consume all of your RPi’s RAM and CPU. Some have been successful with PhantomJS on beefier machines but it won’t work on an RPi any longer.

I just installed it and have it running on a Pi. It does take up CPU/mem but only momentarily.

Note it doesn’t scale though. The maximum number of carts to render appears to be around 4. And if you are using the visibility trick to show charts with different periods then all of those charts are rendered simultaneously, even if they are hidden.

Good to know! I grab one chart at a time every 15mins and save it for faster loading in HabPanel. I don’t need real time charts. Having them updated every 15min is good enough for me and doesn’t seem to have a scalability problem.

Hi all,
I am having the same issue Maurizio is having. Is there any suggestions to get grafana figures (graphs) into sitemap or habpanel?. If I try to using URL generated by grafana I get the exact same error complaining about grafana server error related to PhantomJS. So is there any other way around this?

Thanks & best regards,