Grafana+InfluxDB show today and each single past days values

Hi all,
i’m starting with Grafana to replace EmonCMS to replace ghaphing system.
I need to calculate some absolute values and show on Grafana.
For example I would like to calculate the total power usage for today. With today I mean form today 00:00:00 to today 23:59:59 even i run query at 13:15.
I’m not able to prepare the where clause that extract me only “today” value.
I also need the sum for all vale for a single day in the past
I would like to obtain something like this:

I have influx DB 1.2.2
Someone can helpme?

Many Thanks

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Any news? I like to do the same

How to do that, if possible at all, depends on the data stored in the database. Can you elaborate on that? :sunglasses: