Grafana plot does not update in sitemap


thanks to the excellent tutorial to install influixdb and Grafana I was able to create a nice chart of my balcony temperature. The problem is that the plot never gets updated :frowning:

as code for my sitemap I use this:

frame label="Temeraturverlauf" {
        Image refresh=60000 Webview url="http://openhabianpi:3000/render/d-solo/rafOT-mRk/balkon?orgId=1&panelId=2&from=1527513901344&to=1527524701344&width=500&height=250" label="Temeraturverlauf" height=8

The refresh rate is in ms I think. In the examples I found here in the forum there was no explanation that worked for me…

May be I do not see the obvious…

Can someone please point me in the right direction.


You are trying to combine a image and webview within one entry. This won’t work. You can either retrieve an image or a use a webview.

You could either link show plot with

Webview url="<URL to Grafana>" Height=8

Or you use the image link provided by Grafana with

Image url="<URL to rendererd Image>"  refresh=6000

Height ist not supported for images.

Thanks for your help.

The Image is anyway static at least I do not get the latest data.

The URL Looks currently like this:


Is my understanding correct that &from=1527513901344&to=1527524701344 is a static timestamp?


The &from=1527513901344&to=1527524701344 is static as the time arguments will not update.
After a bit of experiementing, I use
Webview url=“” height=12 which gives me today so far.

If you try out the different settings in the Grafana interface, you’ll get an idea on how the from/to parameters change.