Grafana volume set

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: raspberry PI
    • OS: openhabin
    • openHAB version:2.4
      Hi I not getting the way how grafana work. So I like to ask you guys to help get me started
      I posted on there froum but had no help.
      So I using OpenHab to run my Sprinkler System when turn on it send data to influxdb as 1 with an time and 0 when it turn off with a time.

so what i like to do is use grafana to tell me how much water was give IN the time.
I have started an graph but shows just 1 every time it turn on and drops when it turn off

what I think with the youtube video’s I have watch that is something to do in Metrics

what do you mean? Volume (like cubic meters?)
Do you have a volumetric water meter installed?

By the way: There is a Grafana forum somewhere out there :wink: and your thread title is too generic :stuck_out_tongue:

I have posted on there forum. I was going to measure volume from time turned on and off. No I don’t have an volumetric that’s why I want to use Grafana to do it for me.

You need to know the flow rate to calculate how much water was delivered in the time.
Look at the integrate function in Grafana.

1 Sprinkler do 250ml a min
2 Sprinkler 500ml a min
3 Sprinkler 100ml min.

I find this but still don’t get how to do it. Sorry I have posted on Grafana froum and still no luck.

you need an Item that will count up your volumetric meter, or you use the integral function of grafana and correct the “1” by multiplying with the flow rate you currently have.
So either you set up a rule that adds a certain amount of volume to a counter every minute your sprinkler is running, or you graph the flow rate over time and integrate it.

I keep looking everywhere on fourm for this integral function.
Is it in the Metrics tab under group s