Grafana with MySQL instead of InfluxDB


I’m usig openHAB now for about 1 week and I’m very impressed and it makes a lot of fun for me. I think it will be my new hobby :slight_smile:

But I have a question regarding the persistance because I’m absolutely undecided by now: As I’m familar with relational databases, I would prefer to use MySQL with Grafana. As I see it seems to work. At the moment I’m using InfluxDB, but honestly I miss the possibility to take a look on the database with something like phpMyAdmin, for doing my own queries, deleting data etc. So the question: Are there any big advantages when using MySQL instead of InfluxDB? Of course maybe the performance, but I think the performance with MySQL is by far ok for me. Are there any restrictions for queries or charts, which can’t be done with MySQL and Grafana?

For a beginner, like me, it seems to be necessary to use InfluxDB, that’s what I read all the time. But I didn’t find any satisfying arguments to use it, instead of MySQL…

Best regars and many thanks in advance

I’m using MySQL (well, technically MariaDB) with openHAB for my historical persistence, and MapDB for “restore on startup”, and have a few graphs set up in Grafana.

You do need to write more custom SQL, as far as I understand, using InfluxDB with Grafana is very much simpler to put queries together.

I’m currently using a combination of the standard line graph, and the Discrete plugin, to generate this as my current iteration of dashboard.