Graph widget problem. no data

Hello! I dont know exactly what is heappening with the graphs widget.

It used to work well.after update to 2.5 yesterday, my graph is like that can not see any data anymore.

somebody knows what is heappening ?

Did you set an item correctly as the resource to be shown? Please post all settings for this graph.
Is the persisted data for this item available? Check with the REST API.

yes, i make a install from zero yesterday, and can not see data.

tying to persist using INFLUXDB since its has already been set with grafana setup.

the configurations of the widget was made using paperui.

Without any data persisted each graph would be empty!
The picture shows a HABPanel UI, the setup of this UI can not be done via PaperUI!

sorry confused paper with habpanel.

yes is that. i made it from hab panel.

how i could test for persistence working?

Logging 3 phase power datas

As said before you can use the REST API in order to check if values are in your database.

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yes, you area right i think.

Soo, i SHOULD make a .persist file for the items ? i belief it was created automatically by HabPanel…

You don’t want habpanel messing with your system setup.

You said it used to to work before upgrade, do you need to restore a persist file from backup or something?

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hello !

2 things was wrong:

1- openhab_db was not created automatically like said in the grafana influx automatic setup.
JUST created the openhab_db manually

2 - the persist file is not being generated automatically in HABPanel UI.
created /persistance/influxdb.persist with just the items i want recorded.


now its working PERFECTLY!

Thanks again!

I have never made a backup from my learning install. from this new one i will do. thanks!

As said before by @rossko57 one would never ever want any UI to mess around AUTOMATICALLY with what the system is persisting! If you want something to be persisted YOU need to tell the system.

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becouse this is info is not finded easyly for who starts with just paperUI and habpanel and was not migrating from versions before 2.0 where text files was common for everything.

im noob on that. was a little bit hard to understand some concepts and adapt it.

Thank you very much for the learning!

Finding the documentation is hard? The link is on the top row of the forum! However there is no automatic reading reading.