Graphical rules in Habmin

I am new to Openhab and have a mixture of Z-Wave, Wemo & Xiaomi products.
I have not yet learned script for rules and thought the blocky style rules in Habmin might be a good starting point.
My problem is choosing the item, I assume I rename the box but what name do I give and if I get the name right does it automatically work or are there steps I am missing. I have looked at the guides I can find but they don’t cover anything this basic :frowning:

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I’m looking for the same, I think the Habmin seems like a nice place to start.

I also cannot figure out how to graphically select any specific item. The examples show them appearing without explanation. Do we ‘rename variables’, edit the source, or …?

I tired red-node, I think this is a great well working alternative that gives you the almost the same functionally and a great overview over your rules. I recommend you check this out