Great new forum!

Thanks - I like this new community!

Question: Is it only for technical discussions or even for aside-community-related topics like meetups, events, fairs etc.?


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I add a question:

  • is it possible change the UserName ? it is automatically set on the email but i think it is necessary that a user can change or simply remove from the post visibility.
    Example if a user do not set the Name: the username is visible on the post
    If a user set the name: the username will disappear from the post

Yes. I second that. This kind of forum is a big improvement for the openHAB community.


this forum is meant to be the communication channel for all things related to openHAB. Regarding MeetUps it would be great to post at least an announcement here since we don’t have any scheduling plugin (like MeetUp oder Google/FB Events) in place.

Does that make sense? Let us know if there is something else missing. I would suggest to have Sub-Categories beneath “Announcements”? What do you think @Kai @Henry?

The community has done an amazing job of hiding what this forum software is. Can someone please share what software or service is that is providing this interface.

It is very functional and clean. Kudos

I think @mashborn’s question was in general about non-technical discussions. I do not think the Announcements category is right here, since it is defined to be for “announcements from openHAB team”.
I would start with using Off-Topic for such things and I think we can decide any time to add new categories (e.g. Misc->Events etc.).

Nobody tried to hide it. We just thought it is obvious, because almost everybody is using it today:

From my point of view it should include all discussions related to openhab, which of course includes meetup & event information etc.

@Kai @teichsta I think for now these type of topics should be posted into the off-topic section - as soon as we notice that an extra category is necessary, we should create one (either as sub- or even top-category).
Until this is the case, maybe we should extend the Off-Topic category description to something like “meetups, events and other community-related (openhab-related) discussions” ?

ok for me!

I concur, this site is great! It is so easy to use and to get up to speed on. :grinning:

ok for me!

I did not see the username question answered yet. I did not find it was possible to change the name that was tied to the email from the invite, so what I did was created a new account that had the name I wanted. I went from a basic user to a new user in doing so, so if someone would update this account to match the jh_xsnrg account, that would be great, and I can delete the other account to keep things clean.

The other thing I have not found yet is the equivalent of “mark all as read”. I am sure it is there, but am just getting going, so will find it.

Thanks! This looks great.


xsnrg is back to basic_user

has been deleted

Can you add a German language category?

No, we want this forum to stay English only. Because otherwise there will be 50 other languages to be added as well. So if you prefer German language, go to, which will be kept as is.

The forum looks great. But I couldn’t find out how to subscribe to RSS/Atom feeds (preferably per category). Is this possible?

Having RSS feeds is much cleaner than sending out emails.

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Hi Johannes, you can access the rss feeds simply by Category URL +“.rss”.

For example:

corresponding RSS feed:

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You can also subscribe to latest posts:
as well as latest new topics:

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Agree with all sentiments, a fantastic addition to the OH community, that will surely make it easier in time for new users to find resources to help getting started.

I started with OH only ~ 2 months ago, and scouring google groups and google plus has been helpful, but this forum will make it easier still.

Kudos to the team!

I am an old email guy so it is taking a bit of getting used to, but I must admit I like it. Has any anyone done any SEO work to make sure the search engines pick everything up quickly?