Great new forum!

Yeah the first thing I did was sign up again and delete my auto created account :slight_smile:

Is it worth creating sub categories for each “recognised” binding or will they all be lumped into one and we’ll need to rely on the tags?

Hi Henry,

thanks. There seem to be no links, but building the URL like described works great!

we decided to use tags for that! There will be some bindings which will be discussed more often than other bindings so there would (potentially) be Sub-Categories which are simply empty or filled very little. With tags this won’t happen. Furthermore you are able to watch single tags and can be informed very fine grained.

no, not yet … we tried to export/import the Google Groups, but didn’t succeed (yet). @Henry will have another try at the weekend.

Does that answer your question?

Yes, but also with the new site to make sure it is indexed well.

ok, any specific example where the index didn’t work out properly?

He refers to the Google search engine! I agree that we should have a look how to make sure the site is attractive for the crawlers to drop by often and give it a high page rank. But as I am not a SEO specialist, I don’t really know what measures would help here best…

Is there a need for a tips and tricks / how do I section? Or should this remain in the wiki?
I guess the forum has the benefit of being for interactive…

Do you mean for the forum software or OpenHAB?

For openHAB, we already have the “tutorials and examples subcategory” and for the forum software, I plan to write a sticky thread with tips and tricks soon.

Oups. Somehow I had overlooked this sub category. It is exactly what I had in mind. :yum:

Thanks a lot.

Good place, good community!!

This is definately a great step forward :smile:
I was wondering if anyone has found an iOS / Android app compatible with this forum - it would also be a useful tool, but so far I’ve not come across anything?


Hi chris,

the whole forum is responsive - so you can easily browse und use the forum with your standard mobile browser. It works great. Or do you miss any features on mobile?

Fair point - it’s often easier with an app that’s all - rather than having to surf to a webpage. An app often has additional features that link a bit better to the device (eg notifications are often better integrated) but I’ve not tried the forum on any mobile devices yet so maybe this works ok as well…

I’ll give it a go :smile:

Is there a way to insert special tags like the one for code samples when using the mobile view? Or did I overlook this as well? :dizzy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have been using the pre-formatted tags with good luck

They make the section look like this, preserving indenting and such


is there a bug on the forum :smile:
if you Edit your message, after SAVE EDIT button press appear an error, but the message will correctly modified

Sorry, an error has occurred.


for your information! I activated the ability to change the username (not earlier than five days) after registration. You’ll find the functionality in the preferences of your account.

Hope this finds you well …

Best, Thomas E.-E.

In terms of indexing there is no issue eg
will find this very topic.
And if I add a word like Kuddelmuddel we can check how long it takes before this very post is available

[EDIT: Well that was quick - the Google index was updated within 10 hours (my overnight) and now finds this post]

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