GreenT does not update temperature


Running 1.7.1 on a PC and have this problem with GreenT after upgrading from 1.4.

This item
Number Temperature_Outside “Outside Tempr [%.1f °C]” { onewire=“deviceId=28.FF1D7D531501;propertyName=temperature;refreshinterval=120” }

does not update itself on the GreenT interface (until refreshing page) , but it works in the normal webpage.
Anyone now if there are a workaround for this?

Does not look like it is being supported anymore, you may want to look at classic.

OK then we have to go over to the classic then.

Anyone know how I can get the classic interface in two columns then?

that is true but it nevertheless should work with the current setup …

by reimplementing it. The current implementation does not support a multicolumn view.

Best, Thomas E.-E.