Greenwave PowerNode 6?


Has anybody had any experience with the Greenwave Powernode 6 Power Strip? Pepper DB PowerNode
I am looking for a controllable Power Strip to put behind my Living room entertainment center and that one stood out as the cheapest…

Bye, Frido.

Hi Frido,

I have the Greenwave Powernode 6 and it’s working very well. There are two things you have to be aware of however:

  • the state of the different nodes is not automatically updated, so you need to poll every single node in order to get the correct state
  • after a powerfailure, all nodes default to On

Beside these two drawbacks, I am very satisfied with this device.


Just wanted to post the same thing :smile:
Didn’t know about the second issue, good to know.

I have 1 for a few years, and it works fine.
Also have the single node version which also works fine.

Thanks for the replies. How do I poll the nodes in openHAB? Do I simply use a rule to get the state every x seconds?

Bye, frido.

No - you can’t do this. Just add the refresh_interval parameter to the end of the item configuration (check the wiki).


Thank you all, then I’ll buy it and try it out.

Bye, frido.

Just to close this topic:

Bought the device, works fine, sample config will follow as soon as I get home…

Bye, Frido.

Have you been able to get power meter reading from all 6 outlets?

I just have 2 of Turm in use at the moment, but get readings from all 6 of them…

Bye, Frido.

Good to hear.

I am using Vera Edge and I cannot get readings correctly for energy from the Greenwave Powernode 6 Power Strip.within Vera.

I have plan to use a Zwave stick and OpenHab and maybe I can get it to work then