Greetings and presentation

I knew about openHab a few years ago. It seemed a bit complicated for me to use, and I did not have too much IOT devices at home.

But now I need to take control of my heating system.

All commercial systems seem to use a cloud approach, and I don’t like it.
They charge you with fees when you want to make some customizations, you depend on internet, and more important: I don’t want external services to sniff my home, or entering my private network from outside.

I have openwrt router at home to take control of my private network and WIFI and a QNAP NAS to provide some services.
My home network is mostly closed to access from outside, the only way to get in is using a VPN to connect as if you were connected internally (Wireguard seemed a good solution).

Now I am trying to deploy a heating system using openhab.
I have a central heating system with a relay that opens or closes heating.
Some radiators with mecanical thermostatic valves (which I woul like to change for electronic ones bluetooth based, with autonomous setpoint and open/close control).

I would like to use openhab to control radiators setpoints and to control opening/closing of central relay, in order to keep it opened as long as one of the radiator is opened in heating mode.
I woul like to add temperature/humidity sensor in two part of the house in order to monitor temperatures.

As controller I will use openhab. But I would like the system to be

I am investigating the best way of doing it (at a logical level using openhab) and the hardware to use (for the relay I am thinking of ESP32/TASMOTA) and for radiator valves eq3 bluetooth.
Sensors may be I use ESP32/TASMOTA. I would need two bluetooth gateways: one for the front side and one for the back.
May be I can use ESP32 too as it is bluetooth compatible. For the front side, I can use a usb dongle in openwrt, as the router is in the frontside. But I need other for the backside.

Another option for the relay controller is to use a HestiaPi that employs a PiZero and openhab with a touch screen as the main controller.
But I could not have HestiaPis working in when I installed it in a Pi Zero, and the production of HestiaPi seems to be stopped.

Any idea about best way to implement the controlling system in openHab or best hardware (economical and cloud independent) to be used would be greatly wellcome.

Thanks in advance.

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