Grohe Ondus "real time" water consumption?

Following problem with Grohe Ondus - installed the binding and adjusted the example code for .things and -items. Running OH 2.5.0M4
It took a long while until water consumption was shown, but due to minimum timeframe value of 1 (1day), its not showing “real time” usage, just the amount of water of the past day.

I’m interested in the real time usage, too. Any idea how to get this?

Regards, René

Hi, you flagged this as solved and wanted to delete it.
Would you like to share your solution, please?

Was wrong, topic is not solved :frowning:

seems values are updated just 1 time, not regularly, also by putting a polling interval as descibed.

does nobody has an idea to fix?

You can’t the binding rely on the cloud and the could report the value only once a day.
Ask grohe


Just thought that I would wake this again. I just noticed in the app that it reports “Your consumption today”.
Maybe Grohe has stepped up the reporting by the devices in the recent firmware?