Group assignements get lost

Hi, since the update of OH to 2.4.001 it frequently happens that assignments of items to groups get lost after OH restart. I make the assignments in Paper UI under “Parent groups”. Sometimes only some of the group members vanish, and sometimes all of them. The most interesting - sometimes the lost assigments even appear again after restart. I couldn’t see any regularity in this behaviour. I am not sure whether it is a OH 2.4. bug, but anyway it never happened before. Does anybody know this problem?


I have the same problem and it is driving me nuts! I do not know why this happens, but it stops several rules working properly and I also noticed that readding the group and restarting openHab does not solve this problem in every case.

I couldn’t find the reason. But I shifted all affected items and groups from paper UI to VSC. Now it works fine. Seems to be an issue between OH2 and paper UI.

Hi Ulrich,

I assume this, too. However, I want to avoid moving all these items from paper UI to items files in VSC as it is a lot of work to do for which I don’t have time right now. But maybe, I might need to do this in the end.