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I am using openhab for over two year now and appreciate it very much, thanks Kai. Although I have a running installation and daily read forums, for me it is difficult to keep track of the bindings. The wiki sidebar is nice, but it is in the meantime overwhelmed with the >130 bindings. I have several ideas in mind:

  • cluster the bindings in categories (hardware/bus systems (knx, zwave, enocean, …), heating (ebus, Nibe, …), calculations (astro, ), light (dmx, …), network (wol, tcp, ), … or

  • use tags for each binding, this will be better places in the bindings wiki page and not in the sidebar

  • state the first openhab version when the binding was released

These ideas should help finding bindings

  • for a special purpose
  • which are new and may be interesting

Please give me feedback what you think.


Hi Johann,

Are you aware of this page?
The list of bindings is already sortable there and it has some column for the category. It is not ideal, but I think a good start.

Besides this: After the 1.8 release next week, we will anyhow have to completely restructure the documentation and the way we maintain it - so yes, things will be moving then. I will start a discussion thread here as soon as this effort starts.


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Hi Kai,

Thank you for the link, did not know this page. This page is great with the sorting functionality. Obviously I know the site not well enough.

Kind regards,

Great to hear.
Maybe the function is already existing but since I am not a github insider I am alsway struggling to detect what is new in the documentation.

S a function would be great.


Hi Martin,
This site is not on github but at the page. Have a look at: