Group Color Control

I’m working/testing with OH2 and have a 2 RGBW lights that I’d like to try and set colors together in a group. ie, turn both blue, red, etc at the same time.

I added both lights to a “ColorLight” group in OH2. But would the sitemap then be something like this?

Colorpicker item=ColorLight label=“Bedroom Colors” icon=“slider”

I’m work connecting remotely to try and setup to test later :slightly_smiling:

FYI. One of the lights is a Philips Hue and the other an Aeon, and I suspect the colors will look different when trying to set them to look the same. I think the Aeon bulb may have nicer, better colors, but the Hue is nicer looking bulb.

Well, I just got home and as I expected my initial attempt didn’t work.

Can anyone confirm if you can control/set the color of multiple RGBW bulbs at once via a group?

Another though I had is to possible try and do this with a rule and monitor if the color of one RGBW bulb changed, then change them all to the same color?

Hi Paul,
maybe this helps:

PS: Look at the complete thread.


Thanks Bjorn. I’ll try and give that a shot when I get home. I’m very curious to see how a Hue Bulb compares to the Aeon light when set to the same color.

Currently, in OH2, I can’t get a good color to show when setting it. I tell it blue in OH2, yet the bulb always shows more white/yellowish. But the Aeon bulb seems to show a better, correct color when I change it.

Did you make any progress on color controlling more than one light with a single control?


Yes, I can control all 3 color lights in a room together. But I was not able to figure it out if with an actual ‘group’. Thus, my workaround is to actually change the color of all 3 bulbs at the same time. In the below rule, when the group color item is change, it sets the color to all 3 bulbs individually.

rule "Set RGBW Value of BedRoom light"
   Item BedRoomColorGroup received update
   var color_value = BedRoomColorGroup.state as HSBType

I tried something similar.

If this doesn’t work, I’ll try your rule based solution.

Thanks :smile: